We have the necessary equipment and expertise to carry out a number of soft tissue surgical procedures. Soft tissue surgery refers to procedures that are not related to bones. This can include caesareans, desexing, laparotomies, biopsies, lump removals, removal of foreign bodies from the intestines, stitching of wounds and more.

Desexing is one of the most common surgeries carried out. Another common surgery in the removal of lumps. While most lumps are benign, some lumps may need a biopsy to be performed before it is removed to ensure it is not cancerous. Depending on the outcome of the biopsy, a treatment protocol can be put in place for your pet.  Lumps are usually sent to an external lab to be analysed. Benign lumps are not harmful and can be removed without an issue. Cancerous lumps need to be removed and further treatment needs to occur to improve the chances of a better outcome.

If you put lumps or unusual growths on your pet, contact us to arrange an appointment to assess your pet. Early detection and treatment means a better chance of a good outcome for your pet.