Medical care is not cheap. When it comes to our pets, a pet insurance can offer peace of mind for the cover of some or all costs if there is a sudden illness or your pet is involved in an accident. These costs can be exorbitant. If you have financial constraints, your pet may end up feeling the brunt of it if you cannot afford the treatment. A pet insurance can help bridge the gap so that most costs can be covered in this type of event.

Many surgeries can cost thousands of dollars daily in emergency care, with extra costs afterwards for recovery, aftercare and more. Get peace of mind by having a good pet insurance that can help in situations such as these.

There are a few companies that offer pet insurance. We can help you navigate the options to find one that is suitable for you and your pet. The costs vary depending on the types of treatment covered, initial excess and limits. Some policies place restrictions on pre-existing illnesses, age of the pet and how much you can claim annually. Most policies do cover emergencies such as unexpected illness or accidents. You need to check the inclusions and exclusions as well as the policy costs in order to make a decision to suit your budget.

We can assist if you need to discuss the policies available on your next consultation with us.