Radiographs are perhaps better known as X-Rays. We have equipment on site to do X-rays of your pet when needed. After a full physical examination, the vet may need to do a radiograph to better diagnose specific ailments or illnesses, especially those involving the bones, abdomen or chest.  An appointment is usually set up for the radiographs to be done and the pets are admitted early in the day. In an emergency, radiographs are done immediately.  Pet are generally sedated or anaesthetised in order to get good quality radiographs for diagnosis. The pets need to keep still and are often put into abnormal positions. This cannot be done with a fully awake animal.

X-rays are absorbed by the body in differing degrees. This allows for a “picture” of the internal systems to be made. Bones are denser and show up white, while lungs and organs will show up as shades of grey. This allows the vet to get a good picture of certain aspects inside your pet.

After the radiographs have been done, we will discuss a further appointment so that the vet can discuss the outcome, diagnosis and treatment plan or recommend further testing if it is inconclusive.