Unusual injuries or illnesses may need the attention of a veterinary specialist. They have the training and equipment required to assist with problems that need a higher level of expertise. We have formed an association with a number of specialists that we trust and have confidence in. We put forward the people we believe can assist in the best chance of recovery for your pet.

Veterinary specialists in Australia undergo examinations and rigorous testing before they complete their qualifications. They are deemed to have a high level of expertise in their fields and offer the benefit of their specialised knowledge. By working with these specialists, we can ensure that your pet gets optimum care. These specialists are however, independent veterinarians. They set their own fees. Discuss potential costs before making an appointment if there are any financial concerns.

We are on-hand to discuss your pet’s care and treatment even once they are under the care of the specialist. We can help you evaluate your options and do what we can to alleviate fears. If a specialist is required, we will gladly do a referral for you.