Clinical pathology involves checking blood, fluid or body tissue in a laboratory. Some of the evaluations done include complete blood counts, urinalysis, blood chemistry checks, blood clotting times, biopsy examinations, infectious disease testing, faecal tests, cultures and biopsy examinations. We have a laboratory on-site that allows for the diagnostic tests to be done to achieve a rapid, accurate diagnosis of many conditions. This can save lives in emergency situations or where immediate treatment can be the key to the animal’s survival. While the lab can handle most evaluations, specialised tests may need to be done by an external lab.

Tests done in house can give results within minutes. Specialised testing that is outsourced can take up to 2 days for a result for blood tests and up to 2 weeks for biopsy results. Times will depend on the tests being performed. Your vet can advise you on the approximate day that the results can be expected.