Bringing a new puppy or kitten into your home is exciting for all the family. Here are our top tips to consider when bringing that excitable bundle home:

  • Aim for peace and quiet in the first 24 hours it may be a big change for your new pet too
  • If introducing your new pet to older pets, consider the older pet’s nature and making the meeting on neutral ground
  • Help your cat or dog develop social skills at an early age – expose them to lots of people, places and things, puppy pre-school is helpful at this stage
  • House training is essential – see our leaflet for more details here
  • Vaccinations and parasite control are particularly important at a young age
  • Microchipping is key for peace of mind
  • De-sexing is vital and is usually recommended at around six months
  • Introduce grooming and coat maintenance early so they get used to it

Click on this link for our puppy or kitten leaflet for more detailed information.

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